About Daan de Beer | Motion Design

Daan graduated in Audiovisual Design & Animation back in 2014 at Cibap Vakschool voor Verbeelding located in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Since a young age, he knew that creating things was the way to go. Learning a lot from his mother, who is a talented, oldschool graphic designer, he first started with Photoshop and photography. After a few years that morphed into film and directing this own short movies with friends.

Daan also gained a lot of experience in film by competing in a few 48 Hour Film Projects, winning several awards and nominations along the way. After two very useful internships at MediaMonks & Cafe Noir Film & Web
Daan decided that he wanted to start his own company when he graduated. During his study and internships, he discovered his love for illustration and animation. Having the freedom to create worlds without the need for a complete filmcrew and gigantic budget. Using his knowlegde from film, Daan creates compelling and clear stories for clients and knows how to compose his shots. 

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